Integrated Payments Comes To Apple Users

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As you can guess by the title, we are super excited to announce that we are now supporting integrated payment processing for all Apple devices. This includes MacOS, iPad OS, and iOS.

Our payments partner, Gravity Payments, has tested and released two new credit card readers to support all Apple devices. Additionally, one of the two devices has complete, wireless capability. If you run pop-up events, want to process sales on a mobile device, or simply aren’t on your store’s network, you can still run and process credit cards.

Lastly, if you are already using integrated payments but still using the legacy card swiper system, we strongly encourage you to upgrade to a chip reader. These devices are significantly more secure and will ensure that your store adheres with EMV compliance laws.

Contact us via email or give us a call at (208) 209-6697 to get started.