Reports & Dashboard Overhaul

The last phase of our latest Ricochet redesign has been completed! We will continue to refine and update the software throughout the year, but for the most part, the large-scale design changes are now complete.

Say Hello To Your New Dashboard

The new dashboard is now the home base for your business. It includes several new widgets for your daily sales, category performance, top consignors, top customers, and lots of other valuable data points. The goal with this update is for this information to be quickly available at all times. In a way, it should be your home screen; always-on, available for some bite-sized information on your store’s performance.

The dashboard should be something that you personize to your store’s specific needs. You can reorder and customize the various widgets as you see fit.

Currently, there are 6 different widgets, with more in development to release soon.

  • Store stats
  • Consignment Stats
  • Daily Sales
  • Employee Performance
  • Top Customers
  • Top Consignors

We are developing more tools with the goal of having over a dozen different modules to choose from. If you have an idea or a piece of data you would like to see, shoot us a message.

All of the new modules are explained in our support center, so you can look them up if you’re confused about what a metric means.


Reporting Gets Some Large Updates

Globally, all reports now have an updated date picker. They default to today’s data but can be toggled to view information from the current week (Sunday through Saturday) or the current month. You can also use the updated date picker to view any particular date range.

Sales By Category Report

Now complete with new charts and graphs, the category report gives a much deeper look into how your products are performing per category. You can compare all of your primary categories, and compare subcategories within them. For example, you could compare men’s and women’s clothing, but dive a bit deeper to compare men’s pants vs shirts.

Employee Performance Report

Stores can now dig a bit more into their employee performance with additional visuals. This will make it easier for you and your staff to track your goals and other metrics to promote the growth of your store. Empower your staff with simple metrics to help them establish strategies and tactics to become better salespeople.

As with the previous version, all report data can be exported to a .csv for you to import to a spreadsheet tool of your choice. If you’re needing to find a very specific metric, this will be the best way to accomplish that.

More Updates Are Coming

As the year continues, our product and development teams are working hard to make sure new features are consistently being released and that we are creating the best possible POS system in the industry. Reporting is a great step in this direction and there will be more refinements coming. We have lots of great projects on the development timeline including a more robust discount system, refreshed user roles, notifications, and application development.

As always, stay in touch via Facebook for the latest highlights and releases.