Categories Gets An Update and Reporting Is Up Next

Since the latest visual update to Ricochet, we have been overwhelmed with compliments and feedback from the user community. Thank you to everybody who reaches out to use to explain what works, what doesn’t, and how things can get better.

Today we are pushing a quick patch to fix a couple of things and we’ll show you what is coming next.

Organizing Categories Is Now Much Easier

The previous update to Ricochet introduced Tier 3 categories and simplified the way you organize your inventory, but it removed the ability to quickly remove or edit categories. This was particularly important when using the web store and wanting to change the way your categories are displayed.

Starting today, categories are getting updated to what we call a “Folder Style” system.

This new layout treats categories like folders. So you have your Categories (the highest tier of the three), then Subcategories, and Child categories. Using the visual layout, you can drag and drop categories and their products to be organized however you need.

This also means that, for the first time, web store users can now organize their subcategories and child categories for their web store. Previously, they would default to being alphabetical.


A few reported bugs regarding printing and saving products have also been patched.

We have moved the Save button to the top of the navigation when creating a new product.


We have also created an “Add New Product” shortcut button to the consignor list to more quickly add consigned products.

Up next are the reporting and dashboard sections of Ricochet.

We have just finished initial design comps, and our developers are knee-deep in development at the moment. Expect to hear more in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, here’s a sneak peek of the changes coming to reports:

The new dashboard will give users a robust interface to see the information about the store they use most. And the new report architecture adds beautiful visuals and a deeper level of data to most of the native reports in Ricochet. We will share more as development continues.

Thank you to everybody for their feedback on the latest redesign of Ricochet. It is our strongest goal to empower your store to become more efficient, profitable, and capable, and it’s great to hear success stories from many users.