5 Tips To Give Your Consignment Store a New Look

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Updating your store’s look is a great way to keep your existing customers and attract new ones.

If your store is in a place that gets a lot of foot traffic, even a simple update to the layout and feel of the store can make a significant difference.  While giving your shop a facelift may seem daunting; even small touches can make your shop more appealing to new and existing customers.

Here’s your simple guide to getting started:

5 Creative Design Tips for More Consignment Store Sales

Updating your store’s design can generate more sales, increase word of mouth, and create a spike in employee energy. Here are five tips to take right now:

1. Create a Power Wall

Building an accent wall is a great way to give your store a new look without breaking the bank.

Painting one wall of your store a new color and using it to display top-of-the-line merchandise can draw attention without being overwhelming. For best results, pick a color that works with your store’s logo or color palette.

One of the simplest and most straightforward ways to make your store feel fresh, a few quarts of paint is all you need for a brand-new look.

2. Update Your Checkout Station

The checkout counter is your store’s epicenter of information, sales, and customer conversations, and updating its look is a great way to make your store pop. Try placing old picture frames along the sides of your station, or adding re-purposed wood with color accents to create a new checkout look.

If you can, move the checkout stand to create a new flow for your store. Whenever possible clear the checkout counter of all clutter to create a great purchasing experience for your customers.

3. Update Your Store’s Lighting

Many consignment stores are plagued by bad lighting. Overhead halogen bulbs that blast your store with bright lighting do not create a positive buying experience and may even wash out your merchandise, making it look bad on the rack.

With this in mind, invest in some lower-wattage bulbs and create accent lighting that showcases your merchandise in its most attractive light.

4. Find Your Inspiration

Each consignment store owner is different, which means each store should be, as well. With this in mind, let your originality shine.

Search Google or Pinterest to see what other shops are doing to make their store look fun and inviting. Use YouTube to find easy DIY projects you can do yourself.  Get ideas from your consignors, customers, and employees.  Make a contest to find the best ideas to update your stores look.

All these things will help your store stand out from the rest, and ensure you’re offering a truly unique retail experience.

5. Share the Process

Post photos and videos of your store’s updated design on your website and social pages  Show the stages of the redesign on Instagram and post a before and after picture on Facebook.  

Create an event for the new store unveiling and invite all of your social media followers, consignors, and friends.

This is a great way to gain more buzz about your consignment store and to encourage customers who have not been in your store for a while to come back and shop. It’s also a great way to document the process of staging your store.

In today’s highly visual environment, the most attractive consignment stores out there earn the customers and the sales. By updating your store’s look and feel frequently, and ensuring it offers a positive customer experience, you can boost your store’s bottom line and encourage new customers to walk through your doors.