5 Ways to Utilize FB Live to Connect With Customers

Since its launch in April of 2016, Facebook’s live-stream service (FB Live) has gone viral.

The app’s popularity has risen more than 330% in less than two years and has seen a 300% increase in live video postings since May of 2016. By the end of August 2017, daily video views topped 64 billion, and Facebook Live currently generates 3,000 years’ worth of video watch time daily.

How’s that for impressive?

With all this in mind, it’s clear that using FB Live can be a great way to engage with your customers and promote increased interaction. The only question, then, becomes how?

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Use Your Livestream to Address Comments

Looking for a better way to address and respond to the various comments your company gets? Look no further than Facebook Live. Today, customers are more focused than ever on how (and how quickly) companies provide customer service.

By addressing customer concerns or questions via a live stream video, you can tackle lots of questions at once and provide a more engaging and comprehensive experience for your customers.

2. Provide Insider Peeks

Your most dedicated customers want to see what makes your company unique, and FB Live is a great way to do this. Start providing insider peeks by giving one of your senior employees “takeover” rights for a day, and having them post their daily activities to FB live videos.

Content can include appraising new arrivals, hanging items on shelves, arranging displays, and more. In addition to getting customers excited about new items, this is also a fantastic way to humanize your consignment store and help customers get to know your employees.

3. Promote Big Events

Having a seasonal sale? Hosting an open house? Partnering with another company for a pop-up event? Take to FB Live to tell your customers about it!

In the weeks or days leading up to the event, create a FB Live post that includes details about the event and an (easy to remember) URL where customers can find more information.

If you’re going to post the event across multiple platforms, use a trackable URL that enables you to follow event sign-ups and conversions.

4. Showcase New Products

Got some new merchandise that you’re super excited about? Share it on FB Live. Because FB Live is a video platform, it’s a great way to show off the unique details on that great new clothing item, or do a walk-around of a larger item, like a couch or sectional.

Enhance the value of your FB Live videos by using them to showcase products that aren’t yet available on your website. This is a great way to get your most dedicated customers excited and ensure they know about your new arrivals the moment they land in your hands.

5. Offer Video FAQs

Do your customers consistently ask a question or set of questions? Take to FB Live to answer them. A fantastic platform for customer service, FB Live videos are a quick, concise, and streamlined way to deliver detailed answers without the requirement that your customers read a lengthy blog post or search your website for information.

Another benefit? Creating FB Live videos on FAQ topics allows you to develop a video archive that you can share with your customer service team or make available to customers down the road.

Better Video Engagement Starts Here

If you’ve never used FB Live before, don’t fear. It’s not nearly as difficult as it may seem!

By simply creating a series of videos designed to answer customer questions, showcase new items, promote big events, and help customers get an insider glimpse into your company, you can offer more value to your followers and ensure they see you as an engaged and dedicated consignment store that truly cares about their needs!

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