5 Ways to Increase Your Consignment Business Sales Through Social Media

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Mac Consignment Software - social media Marketing your consignment business can be what makes or breaks your success in this very competitive industry and the ever-growing world of social media is the perfect way to stay in touch with your customers and increase your sales.  Many social media campaigns fail due to lack of preparation, interaction and creativity. So separate yourself from your competition with a few helpful hints.


1. Pick Your Platforms Carefully

Social Media allows consignment businesses the greatest tool; showing new inventory to a much larger and more diverse audience.  With the ever-growing amount of social platforms available, choosing which sites to utilize and how, is an essential part of creating a successful social media campaign. Click Here to Learn More

2. Make a Plan and Stick to It

Many businesses fail to realize that personal and business social media practices are very different. Posting to your personal pages can be sporadic but your business accounts need to be structured and researched to be successful.  Create an organized schedule for posting and see what works best for your business.  Click Here to Learn More

3.  Interacting is Everything

Giveaways and Contests can be difficult to offer for some small businesses, so instead of incentivizing your customers by giving them a deal that hurts your bottom line incentivize through interaction.  Create games or open-ended questions to post on your social sites. Click Here to Learn More

4. Get Your Staff in on the Action

The consignment industry is a personal business and social media allows you to introduce your staff to your customers before they even step foot in the store.    Promoting your staff through your social media platforms will not only create a stronger relationship between your sales staff and your customers, but you are also expanding your stores social reach by marketing to their followers and friends. (Post Available 6/23)

5. Don’t Give Up!

Many businesses expect to see miraculous results overnight but that simply is not the case.  Remember that many of your customers may be simply researching your store through Facebook and if they see a poorly updated site, that reflects badly on your business.  Keep at it and you will see positive results!  (Post Available 6/30)