5 Ways to Increase Your Consignment Sales Through Photo Content

A consignment store’s greatest asset is its inventory.

As such, many consignment store owners will post photos of new arrivals and favorite pieces to their social media sites. And this makes sense – Facebook posts with images earn 2.3x the engagement as image-free posts. For consignment store owners, adding pictures of current inventory drives interaction and helps encourage customers to visit consignment stores. While photo content can be very productive for your consignment store, it’s essential to make sure you’re using it correctly.

Here are some smart tips to improve your photo strategy, starting right now.

5 Tips for Better Consignment Store Photo Content

Showcasing your inventory on sites like Facebook and Instagram is a consignment store’s best opportunity to increase sales. With this in mind, maximize your photo content efforts with these helpful tricks.

1.  Post in Bulk

Posting a single picture may earn you some online interaction, but posting several or creating a new photo album gives your viewers the bulk they want from your store.

Think of it this way: if a customer discovers your store online and moves to visit your Facebook page, they’re going to want to see photos of your inventory. At the end of the day, they’ll be much more likely to visit your store if you have twenty beautiful pictures of your new arrivals than they will if you only have a few blown-out snaps of old items.

Pro tip: more is better when it comes to photo content, but there is such a thing as too much. As you post new batches of photos, aim to keep it to 4-8 snaps at a time. This keeps your online presence from becoming overwhelming and ensures you’re showcasing the “best of.”  

2. Take Great Shots

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many consignment stores just don’t get it. If you want to stand out online, you’ve got to offer beautiful, high-quality materials. With this in mind, take your photos with a DSLR camera and edit them with software like iPhoto, Photoshop, or LightRoom. Don’t have the budget for a new digital camera? Don’t worry – you can still take great shots with a decent camera phone. Just make sure to have good lighting and use a photo editing app to make your images pop.

3. Set the Scene

Context is everything when it comes to photo content. Instead of showing a single item up against a white or black background, use models and mannequins to set the stage for your photoshoot. Pair your main item with accessories to create a full look, or stage the backdrop with “mood” items like a lamp or a vase.

Not only does this make your photo content more visually appealing, but it also helps promote sales and encourage shoppers to purchase more than one item.

4. Always Provide a Strong Call to Action

In the world of modern photo content, it’s not enough to just post your photos. Instead, you’ve got to add some accompanying text that gives your online audience an idea, task, or action.

For example…

Tell them what room in the house an item would look best in, tell them how great that dress will look at their next event, or tell them to contact your store to place that sought-after item on hold before it’s too late. The more explicitly you tell customers what to do, the more likely they’ll be to do take action!

5. Add an Item Number to the Photo Description

If a customer sees an item they love on your Facebook page, they’re likely to call your store to check its availability.

For maximum visibility, place the item number in the description of the photo itself. This way, a customer can call your store, reference the item number, and quickly find out if it’s still available. This streamlines sales for everyone involved and helps ensure more profits for your consignment store!

Better Photo Content = More Sales for You!

If you run a consignment store, it’s time to start using photo content to its full potential. CLICK HERE to learn more about using social media to market your consignment store.