How to Move from Pen and Paper to Consignment Software  

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consignment shop software - paper The consignment industry has a long history of being run by go-getters.  These are people who know there store, their consignors and customers and how to get the best inventory for their business.  Many times when stores open start up capitol is low, so stores will run their store by hand until sales justify purchasing software.  Eventually every store gets to a point where running their business by hand becomes overwhelming, but the time it takes to transfer to software seems equally as daunting.  If you are currently staring down a pile of paperwork and are ready to make the switch, look over this blog to help make the transition as easy a

Switching from running your store by hand to using software will great increase your productivity, organization, and reduce chances for error. 

Take a Deep Breath

Many store owners will fight software tooth and nail because of their lack of knowledge of technology.  Pen and paper is easy to embrace because the learning curve is nearly non existent, but we are in an age where technology can be easily embraced and mastered.  New software solutions for consignment stores, like Ricochet, have been built around first hand experience in the consignment industry and have been created so anyone at any level of computer knowledge can easily learn the software.

Solution: Take the time to sign up for free trials to get hands on experience with how easy it really can be.  Sit down with local shop owners who are using software and ask them to take you through the basics.  Nearly every software company will give you a one on one demo, but sometimes hearing it from someone who uses it everyday can be more useful.

Your Routine Will Need to Be Updated

Many stores have a loyal employee base that stay with the store for years, which easily allows owners and employees to get into a set routine when running their store by hand.  Even though it may not be the most efficient way of running your store, it is always difficult to break away from your current routine.  When you bring in a new consignment software solution into your store, you are going to have to accept that you are going to have to change a few aspects of your daily routine to accommodate the new software.

Solution:  Write down all aspects of your routine and schedule software demos to review with both you and your employees.  While reviewing each software, highlight areas or your routine that would interfere with the software.  When you have evaluated all of the best options for your store, look at the areas that will be most effected and come up with a new routine to adopt these changes with your employees.

Plan Ahead

When you finally find a solution that works for their store, the first instinct you may have is to push our adopting the software to when things are less crazy and you can focus your attention fully on the software.  Lets face it, their is never a time in the consignment industry where things are not crazy.  Many times software adoptions keep getting pushed out further and further until they are completely forgotten about.

Solution:  Set a date 2-3 months out to fully adopt the software into your store,  but make daily or weekly tasks to enter in information, learn more about the software, and run test sales to get you and your staff comfortable with the software. Committing to a small amount of work over a long period of time will ensure your long term success while not taking to much time out of your day to day.

If you are currently looking into moving away from pen and paper, feel free to give us a call at (208)366-4297 to learn how simple the process can be and how we can help you run a more efficient consignment store.

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