SEO 101 For Consignment

Running a consignment store requires you to be a bit of a Jack-of-all-Trades. You’re simultaneously a business owner, a designer, a social media expert, a marketer, and, recently, an SEO.

While most consignment store owners are okay with most of the things on that list, the concept of SEO makes them want to flee for the hills.

Viewed as a weird, muddy pursuit that has something to do with Google and how it ranks websites, SEO is far from clear and can feel intimidating to get into.

Don’t worry, though: it’s not as tricky as it’s chalked up to be. Here’s what you need to know about SEO for your consignment store, and how you can take proactive steps to improve it:


Why SEO Matters

You probably know a little bit about what SEO is. You probably also know that SEO is essential for a good website. What most business owners don’t know, though, is why SEO is so crucial. Here are a few of the most essential factors SEO has to offer for your website:

  • Increased search rankings. Good SEO can help you rank at the top of the Google search results, which can earn you more visitors. Don’t forget, three out of four clicks from all web searches go to the pages in the top five positions of Google’s search rankings. This kind of traffic will help you sell your items and earn more consignment customers.
  • Better relationships with your audience. Good SEO makes your consignment store website more visible. This, in turn, allows you to build ongoing relationships with your customers and clients, which creates return sales and word-of-mouth advertising.
  • More in-store visits. One of the essential functions of local SEO is that it gives customers the information they need to find your location. This is essential for consignment stores with a physical location. By linking your location in Google Maps and offering phone numbers, images, and descriptions, you can ensure your customers know where to find you and that they’re never stuck wanting.

5 SEO Tips for Consignment Stores

So, SEO matters. Now, how do you incorporate it into your consignment store’s approach to digital content and marketing? Here are five tips to get you started:

1. Keep Your NAP Information Consistent

NAP stands for “Name, address, and phone number,” and it refers to the information that you must keep consistent if you want to rank well and help customers find you.

Be sure this information is presented the same way across all platforms. Update it across the board as soon as it changes anywhere.

2. Blog Consistently

Blogging is one of the best things you can do to boost your store’s SEO. Creating content will help Google index more pages for you, allow your customers to learn more about your products, and provide the “meat” your site needs to rank.

This is the primary reason that companies who write 16 or more blogs each month have 4x as much traffic as their competitors.

Not sure where to start? Consider writing a weekly “round up” blog that showcases some of the most exciting new products your store has acquired that week.

3. Improve Your Site Speed

Site speed matters when it comes to SEO. When your page load times increase, your bounce rate does, too. With this in mind, run your site through Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool to see what can stand to be improved and take action.

4. Add ALT Tags to Images

Consignment stores are typically image-rich websites. Make the most of this by adding ALT tags to your images. This makes it possible for bots to scan the ALT text, which improves rankings. What’s more, ALT text allows visually-impaired people to browse your website with ease.

5. Add a Chat Bot

AI is all the range in the world of modern ecommerce. If you have a lean team but want to provide outstanding customer service, boost your conversions by about 50% by adding a live chatbot to your site.


Better SEO Starts Here

Boost your organic traffic and drive more sales with these simple consignment SEO tips. Not only will it help your consignment store thrive, but it’s nice to add “SEO expert” to your list of badges, as well.