Creating and Formatting a Logo: What you Need to Know

man drawing with ruler

If there’s one thing that represents your brand, it’s your logo. Think of it as your digital first impression. It’s the initial thing customers see when they come to interact with your company and, aside from your website, is one of the most representative single pieces of content your company will ever create.

In a single glance, customers can tell a lot from your logo. Are you funny? Creative? Is your logo colorful and vibrant, or pair down and serious? Does it have something to do with the services or Goods you offer?

Here at Ricochet Consignment Software, we require a logo for each e-commerce site our customers create.

Unfortunately, that requirement can be a little tough for people to meet. And understandably so! Most people have never designed a logo before. Don’t fear. We’re here to help. Read on.


What a Logo is Not

Before we talk about what a logo is, let’s talk about what logo is not. When we ask our clients for a logo, we often get photos of business cards, the front of their building, Microsoft Paint illustrations, and other (frankly) bizarre creations That will not reflect favorably on the business at hand.

This is problematic for a couple of reasons.

Again, your logo is a high-value asset. People see it before they see the rest of your business. It gives them an immediate impression about who you are and what you do. If you’re using some sketchy, low-budget replacement for a logo, it does not reflect well on your company.


What Makes a Great Logo

Now that we talked about what a logo is not, let’s talk about what a logo is.  More specifically, let’s talk about what makes a great logo stand out from the crowd. Here are some must-have traits:

  • It’s Simple. When it comes to your logo, less is more. With very few exceptions, complicated logos just do not work. They don’t blow up well on small screens, they get garbled when you make them a thumbnail,  and they’re too detailed to recognize easily. Because of this, great logos tend to be simple. Think of Coca-Cola or Nike. Both are straightforward and immediately recognizable.
  • It’s Scalable. Great logos are simple and strong enough to scale up or down easily, without losing quality or looking bad.
  • It’s Memorable. Above else, your logo should be memorable. Ideally, your logo will capture your viewers’ attention and leave an impression.


How to Get a Logo For Your Company

When it comes to getting a logo for your consignment store, you’ve got a couple of options. Here are a few things you can consider:

  • Fiverr. Fiverr Is an online marketplace where you can find virtually anybody to do almost anything. If you’re looking for a logo, this is a great place to start. There are dozens of graphic designers on the platform, and you can have a logo made for as little as $5 to $10
  • Upwork. Upwork is similar to Fiverr in that it’s an online marketplace, but services tend to be a bit pricier. Check this website out for the opportunity to connect with designers from around the world!
  • 99Designs. 99Designs is a creative platform that allows you to run design contests and pick from many different options. Used by gurus like Tim Ferriss and many others, it’s a great option to explore.


Getting Your Artwork Ready For Multiple Purposes

Just because you have a great logo doesn’t mean it’s ready for all means and purposes. Websites take different file formats than business cards or building displays. When working with a designer or creating a logo yourself, make sure you get the final artwork in a PNG, JPEG, PDF. If you’re making something larger than about 12 inches printed, it’s best to also have the file make in a vector format such as an .AI file. The uses can go on almost infinitely, but just know that a PNG will have a transparent background (great for a logo on your website!) and the JPEG will have a white background (great for social posts and other digital purposes). Use the PDF anytime you are going to be physically printing something.


Having A Great Logo is A Staple To A Great Business

No matter how you choose to get a logo made, the important part is that you do get a logo. After all, you’ve come this far with your consignment store, and you don’t want to sell yourself short now. A great logo is just the first step to e-commerce success!