Get Your Consignment Store Employees to Drive Your Social Media Traffic

Best Cloud Consignment Software - Employees

Best Cloud Consignment Software - EmployeesRunning your social media campaign all by yourself can be extremely overwhelming, especially with all of the responsibilities you already have running your consignment business.  With all of the social platforms that your customers are active on, delegating some posting and interaction responsibilities to your employees ensures that you are not missing out on any online opportunities.  A strong social media campaign should not only focus on creating new customers, but creating brand ambassadors who promote your business on their own merit.  Many consignment store owners fail to realize that they have a group of brand ambassadors right underneath their nose, and by having your staff help you drive your social media traffic, you can create a stronger relationship between your customers and your consignment business before they even set foot in your store.

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Posting photos of your inventory is a common posting strategy for the consignment industry and many stores will post a batch of photos once or twice a week. This strategy works well with sites like Facebook and Pinterest but when you are posting to social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram you need to keep your posting down to one great photo on a reoccurring basis.  Put your employee or employees in charge of posting to Instagram, SnapChat, or Twitter while they are out on the floor to try and capture a brand new audience for your store.

Introduce Customers to Your Employees Before They Enter the Store

Having your employees post to your social media pages is a great way to introduce your customers to your employees before they set foot in the store.  Start posting strategies where your employees post their favorite pieces and give them a unique hashtag to allow customers to follow their picks. You can even go as far as to create business email addresses for your employees to increase the interaction.  If your can increase the relationship between your employee and your customer through social media, you increase the chance for repeat business and a more loyal customer.

Leverage Their Facebook Friends to Your Advantage

It has become a wide known fact that Facebook has limited the reach of brand pages, meaning that your posts are normally only seeing about 20% of your Facebook audience.  Personal accounts do not have this problem, so by having your employees share your posts, or post store news and event on your behalf allows you to not only expand your social reach but also to interact with a new customer base.  Having your employees share your page with their online friends also allows your to create organic likes, and in turn can create new customers and new sales.