Increase Interaction With Your Consignment Store Customers

Consignment Store Software - Communication

Consignment Store Software - CommunicationSocial media offers your consignment business the opportunity to create interest from your customers before they even set foot in your store.  It is a great way to establish yourself and your merchandise and separate your consignment store from your competition, but none of this can be achieved if you do not create interaction with your customers.  Many consignment store social media campaigns have a strong idea of how to reach their customers, but fail in the delivery.  Focusing your efforts and making sure that you are delivering a strong intention to your customers through your social posts can ensure that they will continue to communicate with you online and continue to frequent your store.

Establish a Strong Call to Action in All of Your Posts

Many consignment stores use social media to showcase new or existing merchandise, posting pictures on to all of their social media sites, relying on the impact of the photos themselves to drive customer interaction.  Photos on their own may warrant a few likes or one or two indiscriminate comments, but unless your establish a call to action with the photos, their overall impact maybe diluted. When creating a post always include a call to action encouraging your audience to respond in the way you are intending.  Always avoid vague wording, instead declare an action out of your online audience.

Pose Questions

Posting questions for your online followers allows you to not only create a new communication stream with your customers, but also allows you to gather greater insight into what merchandise they are looking for as well as their buying habits.  Your loyal customers want to feel appreciated and know that their voice is being heard.  By offering them a forum to state their opinions they can get the satisfaction they are looking for while strengthening their loyalty to your consignment business.

Keep the Conversation Going

When you create a post that is seeing any interaction in the comment section, realize that you now become a mediator, and your job is too keep that conversation alive. Stay active within your comment sections to keep the conversation alive: like all comments that have been posted, tag your online followers who have already posted to bring them back to the conversation, and always be ready with a follow up question to keep the communication going.  Comment sections allow for a very unique one on one response with your customers, so maximizing that interaction can greatly benefit their long term commitment to your store.