Use Instagram to Increase Your Consignment Store Traffic

Best Consignment Software - InstagramIn past blogs we have reviewed many different ways to utilize social media to promote your consignment store, generate higher sales and create loyal customers.  One social media platform we have not covered is Instagram, which is a great platform to showcase unique photos to your online audience.

Forrester Research found that Instagram has a fan engagement level 58 times higher than Facebook, and 120 times higher than Twitter.  

With all of the social media platforms to choose from, coming up with a unique posting strategy for each can be a difficult task, which is why with this blog we are going to review a few ideas for you to use for your stores Instagram account.  We know that no two consignment stores are similar, so we suggest reviewing these ideas and applying them in the way that best works for your store and your customers.

Clear Out Old Inventory

When items have reached or are close to reaching their expiration date, showcasing them on Instagram is a great way to get them off the floor to make room for new merchandise.  Alert your followers of any auto discounts or deals you are running to sell the particular item, and always include your store number to allow them to call you and put it on hold.  If you make a habit of posting these items to Instagram include a hashtag like #dealoftheday.  This is to keep your customers on the look out for great deals and routinely checking their Instagram account for your posts.

Capture Great Store Moments

Customers frequent consignment stores when they create a connection with the staff or the owner.  Have you and your staff post photos of one another to show what your customers are missing.  Have your employees pick out their favorite pieces in the store and have them include a hashtag with their name, an example might be #nicksfav.  If a customer has a connection with an employee, try to increase that connection through social media to get them back in the store.

Make a Game

Instagram does not only have to be used to showcase inventory and employees, you can also use it to engage your audience through creative ways.  Make games out of posts to keep your audience interacting with your store.  Take a close up photo of an item and right a post saying if you can find the item in the store they get a special discount on their purchase.  Post a new item and have your customers guess what the price may be.  This will create a positive and fun dialogue with your customers that they will look forward to every time they open their Instagram account.  Think of your unique store and customers and come up with your own games that you can create to engage your customers through Instagram.

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