Use Pinterest to Promote Your Consignment Business

Free Consignment Store Software - Pinterest

Free Consignment Store Software - PinterestPinterest has been a strong source of interaction for countless businesses and with over 70 million users, utilizing Pinterest in your marketing strategy for your consignment store in an absolute necessity.  Pinterest currently has 53 million users in the United States of which 25% are daily users.  Pinterest allows a user to concentrate on quality, ad free content that is tailored to their specific likes and interests, and with most users spending their time on Pinterest at night, you and your consignment store has a greater chance of reaching and connecting with your customers.  Utilizing several social media platforms is a great way to connect with your customers in different ways, and Pinterest offers your consignment business some unique opportunities to expand knowledge and interest in your consignment business.

Create a Gateway to Your Website or Online Store

Many people simply use Pinterest to share content that already exists on the social platform, but you can upload your own photos to populate your Pinterest page.  Not only can you upload your own photos, you can add links to those photos to direct interested viewers back to your website, online store, or other social media pages.  This is a great tactic to utilize because it allows you to direct your customers attention towards more of your online content, and hopefully your store.

Increase Your Organic Reach

Unlike Twitter or Facebook, Pinterest users do not show interest by liking or commenting on a photo or video, they share it.  When your customers share photos or your store or inventory they are sharing it with the rest of Pinterest, not just their friends or followers.  Make sure to add well worded descriptions into your photos to help with Pinteress searches, and to encourage your followers to share your content.

Get Ideas For Your Store

Pinterest is not only a great place to generate interest and interaction with your business, but it also a great way to expand your knowledge.  Pinterest is a great resource for researching different store layout options or review new trends in fashion and furniture.  Look at your followers pages to see what interests they have to tailor your content so you are connecting with them the best way possible, and to get an edge on your competition!

Pinterest offers consignment businesses the opportunity to create a profile as fun and creative as their store, so why not use it to grow your business?  If you are new to Pinterest or would like to learn a little more about it, click HERE to view a tutorial video we created, and make sure to visit the Ricochet Consignment Software Pinterest page by clicking HERE.  If you are using Pinterest to market your consignment store, please leave a comment below this blog and tell us what strategies you are using to connect with your customers!