The Ricochet Mobile App Is Officially in Development

You’ve heard the rumors, Ricochet is officially building an iOS app!

Ever since we redesigned Ricochet for iPad earlier this year, we’ve been prepping for the build of a native iPadOS and iOS application. As we continue to refine the software, we want to empower more stores to use elegant and stunning hardware solutions with ease. This is where a native app will shine most.

Once complete, your store will be able to run operations faster and smoother than ever before, directly from a handheld device.

Here are a few of our favorite features and improvements that a native app will bring to iPad:

  1. Significantly faster performance
  2. Reduced load times
  3. Smoother animations and functionality
  4. Wireless iPad Receipt printing!!!
  5. Seamless Bluetooth device connections
  6. Wireless credit card readers
  7. Wireless, modern cash registers
  8. Consignor sales and payout notifications
  9. Faster updates and more features down the road

What about iPhone?

The new application will be available on both the iPad and iPhone. While the iPad version will be significantly more capable, the app will also fully support mobile POS for iPhone. With Ricochet on your iPhone, you will be able to greet customers, help them shop, enter their items, take payment, and email receipts directly from a mobile device.

What does this all mean for my store?

Retail is getting tougher and more competitive each day. Any opportunity where you can create a more intimate and engaging experience for your customers is key to success in 2020. As retail continues to trend in this customer-focused philosophy, you’ll spend less time behind the counter, and more time personally interacting with your customers. A full point-of-sale on your iPhone and iPad will empower you to meet these demands.

What’s next?

We have a lot on our development timeline. Once we get the store experience refined for the iPad and iPhone, we are focusing our efforts on the consignor and customer experience. After all, they are the most valuable component of any store. The new consignor login will empower them to see their own account status, check-in on their products directly from their phone, receive notifications when their products sell or when a payout is ready, and so much more!

That’s all for now. Stay tuned on Facebook and our blog for updates on app development and other new software features coming this winter.