New Features: Manual Sale Update and New Resale Features!

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Ricochet has added two new updates into the software. Although the first is more of a quality of life update, the second is a brand new feature we cannot wait to share!

Manual Sale Update

Items cleared from the POS screen that have been entered using the manual sale feature will be automatically deleted.  When stores hit the clear button, the item will be removed from the system.

If your store utilizes manual sale, you will no longer need to take time out of your day deleted mis entered items, or have to deal with the confusion from vendors or consignors who see multiple of the same items in the Ricochet Go app.

Resale Features

Resale, or sometimes reviewed to as But Outright, is making a huge comeback!

Many businesses are choosing to offer to purchase or trade inventory rather than just offer consignment, and with more stores adopting these practices, we knew they needed new features to help grow their business.

Ricochet now offers the ability to purchase items directly from the customer, offer those customers cash or store credit, and even use those funds to make a purchase within the same sale.

Review the tutorial below to learn more!

There are a few things to note about the new Buy /Trade function.

  • To activate it in your account, simply to go Preferences > Admin > then scroll down to Optional Modules and toggle on the Buy Outright / Trade button.
  • The process works similar to running a manual sale.  You can click the Buy Trade button on the POS screen to start the process.  If you do clear an item from the POS, it will be fully deleted from your inventory .
  • Store purchases will appear in the Sales Summary and Sales Detail report under Store Purchase Cost.
  • Once you add the item to inventory the cost field will be blank.  This is because the cost of the item has already been recorded once the sale is completed.  Do not add anything to the cost field, because when it sells it will double the cost of the item in the system, throwing off your books.