How to Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Free Consignment Shop Software - Scheduling

Free Consignment Shop Software - Scheduling

The consignment industry is filled with active owners.  No matter what the job, you are usually the one who has to tackle it which leaves little time to update your social media pages. The mistake that many owners make is that they post to their social media sites the moment they either think of the idea, create the content, or when they want their online audience to read it, and usually at this time you are or should be pricing new inventory, dealing with customers or consignors or handling the thousand other responsibilities you have on your already overloaded plate.  So how do you add keeping a well updated social media strategy to the mix?

Facebook has already been offering businesses the ability to schedule their posts to posted in the future at a predetermined time, taking quite a load of off the small business owner who does not have the time during the day to log into their Facebook account and get their business news out to their audience.  Utilizing this feature can take a huge load off of active owners out their because it allows you to plan and post a week or more worth of content at the best time for you.  Now currently this feature is just available on Facebook, but there are several other services made available for you to handle all of your social media sites.

If you are running 2 or more social media sites than you should use the services of a social media dashboard to keep all of your pages organized and scheduled.  There are many services made available but Hootsuite is a great, and free option that keeps all of your pages content, mail, and news feeds available in one convenient screen. Through Hootsuite you can schedule all of your posts to be posted at your discretion for all of your social media sites taking a huge load of your shoulders.

Now that you have the tools, you need to get a plan.  At the beginning of each week ask yourself “What, When, Where and How Much.” Get a set plan for what you are going to post, what time and day of the week, what social media sites you are going to post too, and how many posts will you make.  Don’t go overboard and post to every site every day and don’t share one post to every single site, that is a surefire way to  exhaust your audience’s interest.