Serving Consignment Beyond Just Software

It’s crazy to look back the past couple decades and see how quickly technology has evolved and penetrated every element of our lives. Whether you’re selling your car or sharing a photo album, there are a plethora of software options that make these tasks easier than they have ever been. Technology connects us and empowers us in ways we could have never predicted.

But within the business world, everything is still really complicated. Sure, there are tech solutions out there that do an excellent job automating your marketing efforts, connecting with your customers, or finding ways to meet their ever-changing shopping habits, but the actual day to day operations are more complicated than ever before. This is where great software can make a huge difference.

Purchasing exceptional software can be one of the most liberating parts of operating a consignment store. Every component of your business is connected and today’s software needs to find innovative ways to make our work environments faster, our sales floors more efficient, and our customers more satisfied. What used to be just a basic computer program or point of sale isn’t meeting the needs of the modern consignment professional.

With this new model, it’s also forced software providers to change the way they do business. We are no longer some faceless entity from which you make a one-time purchase from and maybe a support call every month or so. With good consignment software being so integral to the success of a modern consignment shop, we have to completely change the relationship between software companies and their customers.

With that said, we aim to be much more than a traditional software company. That begins with the way we serve and educate our core users.

Here are a few additional perks and features you get when partnering with Ricochet:

1. Access to industry insights, knowledge, and strategy.
– New blog posts and forums are updated frequently discussing the ins and outs of running a successful consignment shop. More than just listicles and simple articles, we go deeper to answer questions about larger consumer trends and other industry challenges.

2. Be a part of a passionate community of consignment professionals.
– There is a vast library of consignment experience and knowledge that can all be brought to one, accessible place. Participate in our webinars and comment on each other’s Facebook questions as we all push for a more successful consignment industry together.

3. Free upgrades and additions as we continue to improve the platform.
– That’s the beauty of cloud-based software. You aren’t just paying for the software as it is in its current form. We are constantly working with our team of developers to build new features, make things faster and more secure, and keep building the best consignment software out there. Your store is always up-to-date with the latest version and updates for free.

4. Free training and on-boarding for your entire team.
– Consignment software can be complex, and when your store is successful, we are successful. It’s our goal to make sure you know exactly how the software works for your store and how to use it best.

5. Unlimited users for your store’s account.
– Another perk of cloud software: no need for installations and crazy amounts of setup. You can sign on with any device from anywhere and have the same information with you wherever you go. That also means there are no limits to how many people can log in to do their job.

6. Accessible support with your own personal Ricochet representative.
– What would good software be without great help when you need it most? Your store’s support rep is always available when you need them. Whether it’s a store emergency or you just need a bit of help finding a feature, we are available in calls, chat, or email.