Design Update

Ricochet Consignment Software - time clocks

Ricochet is Getting a Makeover

Ricochet will be releasing an update to the software’s design, layout, and color template. This update won’t include any new features, but instead will focus on improving software esthetics and organization.

Updates have been made to darken color tones, increased button sizes, and create more uniformity across the software.

Form Workflow

Aside form the color palette and elements esthetic changes, the largest change is the adoption of a vertical workflow when adding accounts and inventory.  Account and inventory forms will no longer be listed side by side. Instead they will be listed vertically.  We made this update to create a more uniformed experience for users across all devices. 

Search Function Clarity

The advanced search bar located on Product list pages and Account list pages will now be more predominate, making it easier to search for specific accounts or items.

Search - Ricochet Consignment Software

Save Banner

The banner will now stay fixed when adding accounts, items or updating other various settings, so you no longer will need to scroll back up to the top of screen to save or update. 

Status Color Palette

Due to the growing list of statuses in the software we have updated their color palettes to better reflect their purpose.  

Status Fields - Ricochet Consignment Software


Notifications Position

Finally, notifications will now appear centered at the bottom of the screen to ensure that notifications no longer interfere with workflow.  Notification titles will also be more specific to the actions that you are performing.  

Ricochet is committed more than ever to providing the most forward thinking Point-of-Sale software available, and this update continues to show our dedication.  Although these updates are minor, they lay the foundation for new features coming soon!