Our Facebook and Instagram Integration Is Now Live!

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As of today, all Ricochet web store users can sell their products directly from Facebook and Instagram!

We know this has been a long-requested feature, and we are finally ready to share it with everybody.

Social selling is one of the most effective sales functions.

It’s no mystery that selling your products directly through Facebook and Instagram can reach a dramatically larger audience than your physical store, or even your website. Consumers are more strapped for time than they have ever been. Online shopping hit all-time highs this winter, and shoppers are spending hours every week browsing social media. Listing your products on Facebook and Instagram brings your store right to the front lines of where shoppers are spending their precious time.

All Product Details Are Updated In Real-Time

When you connect Ricochet and Facebook together, there is no need to go through all the extra work of making sure you correctly enter details on both platforms. Instead, everything you create in Ricochet gets perfectly reflected online with Facebook.

This includes many details including the product name, description, brand, category, and images. And if you decide to go back and make any changes, it all syncs up and updates immediately once you save it. With Ricochet and Facebook, you’ll never have to export or manually sync up products between the platforms. This is particularly important to make sure that if a product sells at your store, that it is immediately removed from your Facebook page as well.

Connect your entire catalog with Facebook and Instagram in minutes.

If you wanted to sell an item on Facebook prior to the integration, you would have to manually copy and paste the product link from your website into a Facebook post. It was a tedious task that would make social media marketing a lot more cumbersome and less effective than it could be.

With the new Facebook and Instagram integration, promoting and sharing your products is significantly easier, and more importantly, enables you to utilize some of Facebook’s most powerful marketing tools.

Sell Products With Facebook Live

We get a lot of stores asking about opportunities and strategies when selling with Facebook live. Some stores swear by it, others have been struggling to make it successful for them. But with your catalog completely integrated with Facebook, it’s easier than ever to share product details and let live viewers purchase a product immediately on the spot.

Share your new inventory with Instagram Stories

Instagram has been making a lot of changes lately. Whether it’s the new reels or more emphasis on rapid-production content, Instagram stories have remained an incredibly effective marketing solution for many stores. Once your catalog is integrated, you can even add products to your stories! What a better way to showcase your team and the new products you have by sharing with your followers all of your new inventory while also letting them view its details and purchase directly from Instagram!

Run Ad Campaigns For Your Hottest Items

Probably the biggest feature of them all, advertising campaigns. Running ad campaigns for your overall store can be a struggle to make effective. But direct shopping campaigns have proven to be exponentially more useful. If your store is running a sale or wants to showcase some of the hottest items, run a quick ad campaign directly through the Facebook and Instagram network to introduce your items to new shoppers 24/7.


Get Your Store Online to Get Started

The new Ricochet Web Store is one of the most capable and effective website solutions in the entire industry. Since last Spring we have launched over a dozen new features to make managing your online presence easier than ever before. Everything from easier product management, shipping details, customer login, gift card redemption, and powerful integrations, Ricochet is quickly becoming the most powerful online solution in consignment. Today, with the addition of a Facebook integration, it’s better than ever before. You can learn more and browse web store features on our website.

If you would like to get started with integrating with Facebook and don’t have a web-store set up yet, give our team a call and we can help you get started.

If you’re an active Web Store user, you can connect with Facebook immediately! Visit our support center to get started.