Print QR Codes from Ricochet!

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QR codes have experienced a resurgence in recent years, with their usage increasing by over 50% in 2021 alone.

We know that store owners have been eager to adopt this technology into their stores, which is why we are proud to announce…

Ricochet offers its software and webstore users the ability to print QR Codes.

This feature allows software users to print QR codes for products with variants or display all items attached to a group ID. When scanned, these QR codes will either display a stock count for the item or all items associated with that webstore group ID.

Stores can enable this feature by navigating to Preferences > Products > Labels, and then toggling on the QR Code Generator in Additional Options.

Once an item with variants or a group ID for online items is created, the QR button will become available.

QR codes can be printed on 2.25 x 1.25 and 1 x 1.5 labels, or downloaded as a PNG file.

The Variant QR code can be used by store employees, vendors or customers for quick stock checks on items, while the Group ID is designed more so for customers for marketing or purchase purposes. If you are unfamiliar with the Group ID feature for webstores, check out this article here.

QR Codes are now available for Ricochet users. CLICK HERE to learn more!