Feature Update: Logos and Menus

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This feature release focuses on receipt branding and navigation menu options.  Ricochet has just released the ability to add logos to receipts as well as a mega menu option for displaying online inventory.

Logos on Receipts

All stores now have the ability to add logos to their receipts. Stores looking to upload their logo can go to Preferences > Admin > then to Taxes and Policies.

Best Practices

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that the thermal receipt printer is going to be very limited as far as quality goes, so when uploading a logo you will want to follow the following suggestions.
  1. Simplify the logo: if your store logo has a lot of detail then try removing some elements.
  2. Keep your logo within a 200 x 200 pixel ratio. Because of the dimensions of the receipt itself, logos wider then 200 may get cut off, and the height of the logo will increase the size of the receipt and may reduce the quality of the logo.
  3. Greyscale or Black and White is required: the thermal printers shading or style options are also extremely limited. Greyscale may be best in certain scenarios, but an all black logo is recommend for clarity.

The tutorial video below reviews the process of uploading a logo to your receipt.

Mega Menu

Ricochet has now released a new option for webstore users to utilize a mega menu rather than the vertical drop down. For stores utilizing only parent and child categories, this will be a great way to display your inventory on larger screens.

mega menu consignment software


The Mega Menu can be selected by going to Webstore >  Design > Navigation, then toggling on the Mega Menu button. Keep in mind that Tier 3 categories wont be able to be displayed in mega menus, so if you do want to utilize this feature, consider reorganizing your online categories and even start utilizing collections.