New Features Available in Ricochet!

Features Consignment Software
Ricochet has released a large list of new features.  We know that the consignment industry is incredibly diverse, which is why we have focused on adding a new set of features aimed to help business owners in a few of those unique demographics.

Retail Updates

Fluctuating Cost Update

Many of our customers that sell retail items has asked to be able to track the change in the cost of items.  Ricochet know allows you to alter the cost of a retail item when updating the quantity. Watch the quick tutorial below to learn more.

 Filter by Attribute

Stores now have the option to filter by attribute within the Products section, or within a consignor’s or supplier’s inventory.  After choosing to filter by attribute, you can choose the attribute list, then click the new drop down to make your choice.

 Sales By Supplier

The Sales By report will now include an option to see sales by supplier.  This report will allow you to choose a time period and view a line graph of suppliers performance, and a list of your suppliers breaking down the number of items sold, their percentage of total sales, and sale

Vendor Update – Booth Rental History Report

Ricochet has added a Booth Rent History report. Many of our vendor based businesses utilize our automatic booth rent feature, and this report will help them organize all rent collected from each vendor within any period of time.

We do want to note that if you are a business utilizing the Bulk Credit Adjustment feature to deduct rent, this report will not show those deductions.  You can also CLICK HERE to learn more about the automatic rent deduction feature.

Webstore Update – Home Page Layout

Previously the webstore builder had a set layout for displaying categories, new arrivals, and favorites. Now you have the ability to pick which categories or collections you would like to display, the amount of new arrivals or featured items, and change each section style from standard, to staggered, or a carousel option, giving you a very versatile way to give your home page a unique look.