New Year, New Features: Elevating Consignment Software with Ricochet


As we enter 2024, Ricochet is excited to unveil significant enhancements to our consignment software, demonstrating our commitment to providing unparalleled tools for consignment store success.

Ricochet ACH: Streamlining Payouts

A highly anticipated feature is Ricochet ACH, enabling effortless consignor payouts through Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions. While this service is a paid feature, the benefits outweigh the costs, offering a more cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to traditional check-cutting processes.

This feature has been built, but will need to go through a review and certification process before it can be released. We will continue to provide updates and additional information within the new year!

Expanded Multi-Store Features: Centralized Webstore

For consignment stores with multiple locations, Ricochet introduces expanded multi-store features. Now, streamline your online presence by selling items from various locations through a centralized webstore.

This enhancement simplifies the shopping experience for customers, allowing them to make purchases from multiple locations in a single transaction. Integration with Avalara and Shipstation, along with Ricochet Go shipping notifications, opens new ecommerce opportunities, boosting sales and operational efficiency across all your stores.

A Brand New Version of Ricochet: Future-Proofed Excellence

In our pursuit of excellence, Ricochet is undergoing a complete rebuild, maintaining familiar features and layout while significantly enhancing future-proofing.

The rebuild focuses on infrastructure and code, ensuring no changes to the interface or loss of functionality. This modernized code base and systems infrastructure enable seamless scalability, faster feature introductions, and a smoother program operation.

Additional Security Measures: Two-Factor Authentication

As part of our commitment to data and transaction security, Ricochet introduces Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for employees and consignors. This extra layer of security, especially relevant with Ricochet ACH, ensures the highest standards of protection for sensitive financial transactions.

In Conclusion: Your Path to Consignment Excellence

With these updates, Ricochet leads in consignment software innovation. Ricochet ACH, expanded multi-store features, a brand new version of Ricochet, and enhanced security measures reflect our dedication to meeting evolving consignment store needs.

As we enter 2024, Ricochet remains committed to providing a consignment software option like no other. Stay tuned for updates and embrace the future of consignment excellence with Ricochet!