Unveiling Ricochet’s New Document Uploader and Product Transfer Features

Ricochet POS Introduces Two Highly-Requested Features

As 2023 comes to a close, Ricochet POS is thrilled to announce two game-changing quality-of-life features that will elevate your consignment management experience. We understand the dynamic needs of consignment businesses, and these new features are designed to streamline your processes and enhance overall efficiency.

1. Upload Documents to Consignor Accounts

In response to user requests for document management capabilities, we introduce the Document Uploader feature. This functionality allows for the seamless handling of consignor-related paperwork with precision and ease.

  • Effortless Uploads: Users can now upload up to five JPEG, PNG, or PDF files per consignor under 5 MB, facilitating the inclusion of crucial documents such as contracts or photos of the consignor.
  • Versatile Control: The feature empowers users to delete or download uploaded files, ensuring meticulous control over consignor documentation.
  • Enhanced Communication: Attach essential documents to consignor profiles and allow them to view these files using the Ricochet Go app or consignor log in.

2. Transfer Retail Items to Consignor Accounts

Acknowledging the demand for enhanced inventory control, Ricochet POS introduces the Transfer Products feature. Addressing the need for efficient product transitions between retail and consigned inventory, this feature provides a strategic approach to inventory management:

  • Intuitive Interface: Located conveniently under the More button, the Transfer Products feature boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring ease of navigation. Easily move retail items to consignor accounts, transfer items between consignor accounts, or move consigned items to your retail inventory.
  • Bulk Transfer Capability: Users can now select one or multiple items, enabling bulk transfers with simplicity and speed, streamlining inventory management processes.

As we close the year, Ricochet POS remains committed to innovation and continuous improvement.

We extend our gratitude to our users for their invaluable feedback, which propels us forward in providing new and improved solutions for the consignment industry. Stay tuned for more advancements in the coming year as we strive to exceed your expectations.