New Year New Features: Time Clocks and Product Grouping

Ricochet Consignment Software - time clocks

Ricochet has releases the ability to build employee schedules, track employee hours, and a new unique feature called Product Grouping.  Product grouping will be a feature available for users of the online store, and the time clock and scheduler will be available for all users.

Scheduler and Time Clock

These new features will allow you to build your employee schedules and allow employees to clock in and out at the beginning and end of their shifts.  There will be a few steps needed to enable these features.

  1. You will need to enable Time Clocks by going to Preferences > Admin > Store Details > scroll to Optional Modules > toggle on Time Clock > click Save 
  2. You will also need to assign PIN numbers to your employee accounts to allow them to login. Go to Accounts > Users > access any account > scroll to User Pin > add a four digit PIN > click Update

It is important to note that these features will require creating unique user roles for each employee. The tutorial below reviews these features in more detail.

Product Grouping

Product grouping is a unique feature that will allow stores to group together similar products on a category page, giving their customers a better experience when they are shopping online.  This feature was primarily built for shoe consignment stores that has consignors bringing in the same style of items with slight variations like size or condition.  Other scenarios where this feature may work is with ski or snowboarding gear for outdoor consignment stores, or if you are a clothing consignment store that gets a lot of the same items.  If you feel you might have a use for this feature outside of the examples given feel free to contact us to discuss before implementing.

This is very simple feature to utilize. Watch the video below to learn more!