New Features: Texting Receipts / Avalara Integration

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Texting Receipts

Ricochet now offers the ability to text receipts to customers.  This is a feature available only for Ricochet Pay users, so if you are interested in using this feature and would like to learn more CLICK HERE. 

If you have added a phone number to a customer’s account, then you will be able to text the customer the receipt at the end of the sale.  The text message will have a link to the receipt with an itemized breakdown of the sale as well as fields for the store to add a coupon code, link to their website, even a place to rate their customer experience.  Check out the tutorial video below to learn more. 

Avalara Integration

With the continued development of sales tax regulations with ecommerce sales, we have created a new partnership with Avalara, the leading tax compliance software, to provide our customers the right tools for this evolving landscape.  

The two largest issues we are trying to combat are in state online sales where states may have varying sales tax rates per county, as well as businesses that may be dealing with out of state nexus thresholds.  

The integration process between Ricochet and Avalara is a simple and straightforward. To get started all you need to do is reach out to Avalara, let them know you are a Ricochet user, and they will guide you through the set up process.  You can also CLICK HERE to learn more about the integration.