Ricochet for iPad is here!

Ricochet is now the first and only consignment POS solution natively built for iPad!


It is now available to download for free from the iOS app store.

We’re going further than any POS has gone before.

We’re pushing the boundaries of POS systems not only for consignment but for the larger retail environment as a whole. While most competitors have built a basic POS solution that runs your front desk or terminal from a mobile device, we’ve built every single function of the desktop platform directly into the mobile app.

Every. Single. Function.

Right out of the gate, you’ll be able to run sales, enter inventory, manage your staff, print labels, download reports, create consignors, manage discounts, and so much more! There are no hidden functions, tabs, or buttons. You can do it all!

How do I get started?

We’ve updated our hardware page with a comprehensive list of tools and hardware you’ll need to run your POS with an iPad. This includes new label printers, scanners, and other accessories.

New menu

The menu now slides completely to the left side of your device. To find it, just swipe in from the furthest left edge.

Barcode Scanning

We have chosen to partner with Socket Mobile for our mobile barcode scanners. They build a premium device and have the unique ability to scan an item without triggering the on-screen keyboard. Using this device is far and wide the most elegant solution out there.

If you would like to scan barcodes with a traditional Bluetooth scanner, you should be able to do so immediately. It is up to you to decide whether the better experience of the Socket scanner is worth it to you.

Keep in mind that you can always search for an item or enter its name or SKU if you don’t have a scanner yet.

Receipt Printing

To connect your receipt printer to an iPad it must be one of Star’s wireless systems (either LAN, WiFi, or Bluetooth). If you already have one of these, your receipt printer will be compatible right out of the gate. Here’s how to add a receipt printer on an iPad.

Cash Drawers

Any standard cash drawer that plugs into your receipt printer will be compatible with an iPad POS immediately. No updates or changes needed.

Processing Credit Cards

Most of our users partnered with Gravity Payments should be able to use an iPad immediately. The only requirement is that you are using Gravity’s latest emerge-pay system. You can read how to connect your credit card reader with Ricochet for iPad on our support center.

Get in touch with Gravity if you would like to process credit cards natively through Ricochet. There’s a good chance you could reduce your processing rate and get mobile-friendly hardware.

Label Printing

We have chosen to partner with Zebra for our mobile label printing needs. Unfortunately, DYMO has yet to build any developer tools and support Apple Devices for its label printing products. This doesn’t mean that your DYMO devices will no longer work. Rather, Zebra is the only option available if you would like to print labels from an iPad.

Most stores will still use a desktop computer for back-office work. If you choose to do so, you can continue to use the recommended DYMO printers as usual.

Zebra label printers are a premium product. Thus they cost quite a bit more. But their wireless capabilities, precision printing, and overall build quality may be worth it to your store.


We strongly recommend buying a Bluetooth keyboard to use with your iPad. While you can certainly use the on-screen keyboard for any typing needs, it is a significantly better experience with a wireless keyboard. You can type much faster, but more importantly, it keeps the on-screen keyboard from taking up screen space.

We recommend the Apple Wireless Keyboard, but any Bluetooth keyboard will work just fine.

We also suggest you purchase a sturdy iPad stand. There are literally hundreds to choose from, but we recommend any that make it easy to take the iPad with you around your store. Don’t worry about the ability to swivel around. You’ll rarely if ever, need to have a customer enter any information themselves on the POS.


There’s still more to come!

Today is just the first of many steps for the future of Ricochet. We’ve got ambitious plans to revamp the world of consignment and secure its future in a contemporary and connected world.

If you want to see what we might be working on next, check out our latest development timeline.

If you’re new to Ricochet and would like to try it out, sign up for a free trial! We would love to connect and see how we can save your store time, energy, and resources.