Bulk Updates & New Product Fields

A big update just went live for Ricochet!

There are 6 main features, along with several smaller fixes. We’re going to cover them in-depth on this post.

Bulk Split Update

Splits can now be changed in bulk, either from the products list or from a consignor’s inventory.

For example, if your store allows different splits depending on a consignor taking a check or store credit, you can now change those items instantly to accurately reflect the appropriate type of payout.

Be aware that while a split change can affect inventory that has been sold, it will ignore any products that have already been paid out.

Bulk Product Changes

You can now update products in bulk from the products and consignor inventory screens! Fields that can be updated in bulk include department (used to be called in-store location), category, split, status, brand, and 2 new custom fields.

For example, if you just donated a large number of products, you can select them all from the inventory screen, navigate to More>Bulk Update, and change their status to “Donated.”

Custom Fields

There are now two custom fields for all inventory. You can configure their names and options in the preferences > product section.

This is an awesome new feature with stores that want a little bit more power and customizability to their inventory system. These two custom fields are completely unique inputs that you can use to organize your inventory, filter, discount by, and even add to a label or tag.

If for example, you wanted to differentiate between new and used products, you can do that here! Or if you’re a furniture store and want to tag items with material or style, this would be a great option as well.

You can also create discounts based on a custom field. For example, you could discount all walnut furniture by 10% on Wednesdays. #walnutwednesday

Brand Field

Brand is now an open field for all inventory! This has been in demand for a long time! We’ve finally got it built directly into Ricochet. This will be an incredibly important factor for transfers and stores coming from another system that has promoted the use of brand.

You can also use brand as a discount parameter and as a text field on labels.

More Statuses

More statuses have been added for more situations. Products can now be marked lost, stolen, DOA (dead on arrival), or other. While not as frequently used, being able to designate products with a more diverse set of statuses will help you keep track and organize your store more efficiently.

Retail Suppliers & Product IDs

We are expanding our retail functionality of Ricochet a bit with this update. All store inventory can now have a supplier attached to it. Additionally, each item can have a supplier product ID. This will be incredibly helpful for stores selling retail items when needing to restock their inventory. You can quickly find the product ID’s for the inventory you want to reorder.

Suppliers have also been added as an account in Ricochet. Here you can add all your suppliers and their contact information.

Later down the road, we are working on building a live re-ordering system that will print invoices for all your retail items based on your stock preferences.

A few little things:

You may also notice a few small changes throughout Ricochet as well. Most notably, we changed “in-store location” to “department” across the whole system. A vast majority of our users are actually already using in-store location in this way, but we made it official. The original verbiage was a little confusing to new users. Don’t worry, nothing on the back end actually changed. All your discounts and other variables will maintain accuracy.

We also pushed a few stability updates and bug fixes in preparation for an iPad launch.