Ricochet Go Got an Upgrade!

Ricochet Go - consignment software

Ricochet Go is Now Available on Android Phones

The Ricochet Go app, designed specifically for your consignors and vendors, is now available on both iPhone and Android, so your consignors can have access to their inventory no matter the smartphone they use.

We do also want to note that the Ricochet Go app is not to be confused with the Ricochet POS app. The Ricochet POS app can only be run from an iPad.


The Ricochet Go app now utilizes the Apple and Android notifications function to keep your consignors and vendors up to date with what is happening with their inventory. The following notifications are now available to be received from the app.

1. Notification of Item Sold – this will notify the consignor or vendor when a single item sells. The notification will show the Item Name. Consignors or Vendors can also see their Recently Sold Items in the Ricochet Go Dashboard.

2. Notification of a Payout being Processed – This notification will let the consignor or vendor know that that the store has processed a payout.

3. Notification of items Expiring Soon – This notification will appear when items are seven days away from Expiring. Consignors or Vendors can also see their Expiring Items in the Ricochet Go Dashboard.

4. Weekly Summary – this will be a notification similar to your Apple Activity report. It will be a notification summarizing that weeks activates. This notification is only sent when there is activity within the account.

Stores can choose to turn on or off these features by going to Preferences – Admin – then Notifications.

Consignors and Vendors will have the ability to allow their app to show notifications. If you have already starting using this feature at your store, then have your consignors access their settings and allow for notification in the Ricochet Go app.