New Features: Front End Uploader and Updated Reports

Ricochet has released two new features that are now available – a front end uploader and a new and improved Sales By and Aging Report.

Front End Uploader

We know that the inventory process can be exhausting, especially since many stores have vendors or suppliers that may want to provide inventory in a CSV or Excel format. We have added in a front end uploader to help stores add in bulk lists of consignors, suppliers, customers, or items, both consigned or store owned.
Ricochet now allows you to upload account and inventory data through the front end of the software. The Import tool will be available in the More Button and will allow you to upload the following.
  1. Consignor Account Info
  2. Customer Account Info
  3. Consigned Inventory
  4. Retail Inventory

This process does have a few things to cover depending on what you are looking to upload, so we definitely suggest reviewing the tutorial video above, and the help article in our help section.

Sales By Report

reports - consignment software
We have combined the Sales by Category and Employee report while also adding the ability to see sales by Brand and Consignor. The layout of the report will remain the same. You will be able to see the Top 5 of each category and the ability to see the progress of a certain category or brand, and the ability to compare one option against another, like how to categories compare over a long time period, etc.

Aging Report

The Aging Report has been updated to allow you to show all items in each stage of your auto discount plan.  If your store does have multiple auto discount plans then you will be able to filter items by each plan, and also filter items by each stage.  We have also added End of Contract as a stasis for items.  This was done for stores that may offer a grace period between the end of contract and the items expiration.
Although this not a feature update, we have also updated the title of the Sale By Product report to Store Inventory COGS. Nothing has changed in this report, but we have updated the title to better reflect the purpose of the report.
If you would like to review these new reports you can review the tutorial video below.