Ricochet Now Connects With Mailchimp

Along with our recent update involving our QuickBooks integration comes our next third-party integration with Mailchimp. Email marketing has always been a very powerful form of outreach and is a great way for consignment stores to stay in touch with their customers and consignors. This new integration is a major first step, empowering stores with faster email capabilities.

Connecting with Mailchimp synchronizes all of your consignors and customers into an email list in Mailchimp.

Prior to this integration, store owners would have to either manually add contacts to their mailing list or export the data and upload it to Mailchimp. With the new integration, you can sync all of this data instantly with just one button.

Which consignors and customers will get synchronized?

There are two conditions on which a customer or consignor gets added to Mailchimp. First, they must have an email address attached to their account. Without it, the software will leave it alone. Second is that they must have the Marketing toggle turned to “Yes.” If you have a customer in the system that has that marketing function turned off to¬†“No,” Mailchimp will also ignore them.

It is important to understand that Mailchimps API is a one-way communication. So if you have anybody that unsubscribes to your emails, make sure you also turn the Marketing toggle to “No” in their account in Ricochet.

Where Can I learn More?

While setup and management of this new integration is very simple and straightforward, check out our comprehensive guide and support center for detailed walkthroughs and best practices.

More integrations are coming!

Along with Mailchimp going live today, we have also introduced a new integration with QuickBooks. With our first two integrations now live, this will be the foundation on which we will be able to continue building powerful third-party connections to the tools and programs you know and love.

As always, keep in touch with us on Facebook for regular updates and news as things continue to evolve. We are always available via phone or chat should you have any questions.

Happy Holidays!