Ricochet Now Connects With QuickBooks

We have wonderful news for all Ricochet 3.0 users. We have officially launched our first external software integration! While sounding more complicated than it is, this essentially means that Ricochet will now begin to seamlessly work with some of your favorite online tools to build a more comprehensive and efficient consignment experience. We have lots of integrations in the development timeline, but to kick it all off, we are proud to announce that Ricochet officially links with QuickBooks.

There are two phases in our integration development timeline with QuickBooks. We are launching phase 1 today and will be releasing the more developed, phase 2 soon.

Phase 1: Synchronizing and exporting payout data.

Phase 2: Live sales data synchronization.

Ricochet Now Links With QuickBooks for Payouts

QuickBooks has been a staple for many businesses around the world, and we have been requested numerous times to find a way to make consignment accounting easier. With our new QuickBooks integration, your payouts can now be automatically logged in QuickBooks. QuickBooks will also automatically sync your new and existing consignors to accurately interpret your payouts to the appropriate consignor with a single click. You no longer have to post payouts in Ricochet and then manually enter them every single time to keep your accounting current.

Explore our comprehensive guide or watch our YouTube tutorials to understand how this integration works for your store.

How To Connect Ricochet With Quickbooks

Within Ricochet 3.0, these new features are located in the Preferences tab of the primary navigation. There is a new section there titled “Integrations.” This is where Quickbooks connections and any future software integrations will live.

If you are a Quickbooks veteran, getting started with this will be simple for you. For everybody else, or if you want to see more detail, we have updated our help center with an entire section on using Ricochet with Quickbooks to manage your payouts and simplify your accounting. You can always go there if you have any questions or are lost.

More Integrations are Coming

Thank you all for the patience while we have been developing these modules. Having Quickbooks connected with Ricochet is a huge first step into what will be a massive part of Ricochet software. We know that there are lots of wonderful tools and pieces of software that your business uses to be more effective at accounting, marketing, ordering, and more. Launching this first integration is a huge first step and is going to be the foundation for many more.

Our next upcoming integration will be with Mailchimp, a widely loved and admired email marketing platform. We are currently in our final testing stages and will do a formal announcement with all of the details and features when that goes live.


Happy Holidays!