ShipStation , Google Fonts, and a few more consignor login optimizations come to Ricochet.

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Today we’re announcing another awesome update that just went live in Ricochet. We’ve made a lot of really cool changes this summer including the ability to add customer accounts to the web store, and supporting gift cards and consignor credit as an online tender type

If you are already using Ricochet as your POS but haven’t gotten your store online with the Web Store, there’s never been a better time to get started. With these summer updates, Ricochet is the only website service in the entire industry to support consignor credit and rewards as an online tender type and has the most user-friendly interface in consignment. You can learn everything you need to know about the web store on our site.

Today’s update brings powerful integrations with Google Fonts, ShipStation, Web Store design updates, improved consignor login functionality, and time-saving features for stores integrated with Gravity Payments.

Google Fonts Integration

The Ricochet Web Store now fully supports Google Fonts! A completely free feature, Google Fonts expands your website’s styling capabilities by allowing you to load up any number of fonts from a massive database.

Choose from over 10,000 fonts to get the exact style and personality you want to communicate through your website. We’ve added a help article to our support center to help you get started.

Screenshot of the Google Fonts home page.

Additionally, if you’ve wanted to get your store online but don’t have the time or money to have a logo designed, using a beautiful font with your store’s name is a fantastic place to start. And it’s completely free!

ShipStation Integration

Is your store selling a large number of products online? ShipStation can help you manage all of your shipping details and automate some of the most tedious online processes.

With Shipstation, your customers can receive automated shipping confirmation emails with tracking information, stores can print shipping labels directly from Ricochet, stores can ship with Canada Post, and a wide array of additional carrier options.

Ricochet will also automatically mark items as fulfilled in the order management dashboard when a shipping label is created for an order.

We will be shortly adding a series of help articles to prep your store and give you everything you need to know about the integration.

Website Header Styling Improvements

In the original version of the Web Store, your home page styling options were limited to only a few templates. We’ve now expanded your header customization options with improved alignment, justification, and styling elements to give your website a more professional feel.

Screenshot of the header customization section in Ricochet.

The update is already live for Ricochet Web Store users. We encourage everybody to go explore the new designer. Ricochet also offers live web design support completely free. Our specialist, Jo, will walk you through the options to have to improve your website and help you get everything cleaned up and working the way you want it to.

Consignor and Customer Login Optimizations

Have you ever had a consignor call you and ask you to reset their password or send them their login credentials? We’ve made a few changes to optimize that process and empower your consignors to find their login credentials on their own.

New consignor accounts will automatically receive an email with their login credentials when created in Ricochet.

When creating a consignor in Ricochet, you have the option to enter a username and temporary password for your new consignor. When you save your new consignor in Ricochet, and the “Consignor Login” toggle is on, the consignor will automatically receive an email with their login credentials and a link to set their password in Ricochet. If you would rather not have your consignors receive emails with their login information, you can turn it off in the Admin Preferences.

Your consignors can always reset their password from the login screen, or you can now just send them a link directly from their account details to reset their password.

Lastly, we’ve added a quick Log In button to the homepage of Ricochet. In case your consignors can’t remember your store’s unique login URL, they can now search for your store from the Ricochet website to then redirect them to the correct login.

Gravity Multiple Terminals Memory

For stores using multiple registers, Ricochet now remembers which credit card terminal is connected to that specific register. You no longer have to choose which terminal you want to use when swiping a credit card. Once you use it once, the register will log its credentials and remember which terminal you use and default to that terminal as long as you need it.

Products can now be filtered by In-Stock Date

When viewing your list of products, the In-Stock Date filter is now using a proper date picker. Using this, store owners can now quickly filter their inventory and view which products were brought in stock during any date range.

A screenshot of the In-Stock Date picker filter mechanism in Ricochet.


Ricochet is constantly improving and we’ve got a lot more to come!

We’ve spent a lot of time this summer to update and optimize the web store experience. As more shopping is crossing between online and offline channels, it’s more important now than ever before to have an online presence coincide with your in-store experience.

We’re also actively developing a series of new features and updates to regularly improve Ricochet. With the next series of updates, we are steering our direction back towards the core software and improving the consignor and customer experience with your store. Stay tuned for sneak peeks and previews as things come along.