Web Store Now Supports Consignor Credit, Rewards, And Gift Cards

We’re super excited to officially announce the latest update to the Ricochet Web Store. As of today, your online shoppers can now use their rewards, consignor credit, and gift cards as a tender type!

This is a massive update for us and we are incredibly proud of our development team to pull this off.

It’s no mystery that online sales is a hot topic right now. Digital and multi-channel selling is booming, and more stores are looking at expanding their online offerings.

With consignment, there are several challenges and unique situations that make offering online sales more complicated than your traditional retail store.

One of the largest challenges is managing the various credits and tenders your consignors and customers can use as they shop and consign with your store. With your in-store sales, it’s pretty straightforward. You can choose among any tender type, and mix and match as needed.

With online sales, it’s never been quite as easy. That’s all changing today!

With the latest update to Ricochet, your customers can now use all of their various rewards and credits to purchase items from your website.

Customers can now create accounts and log in with your store online.

Within Ricochet, we’ve always had the ability to create customers at the point-of-sale or within the software. Creating customers in the system enables them to track purchases, lookup receipts, earn rewards, and save information.

We are now allowing customers to create accounts themselves via your website. This will be a fantastic way to help build loyalty and encourage your customers to repeat shop from your store.

Ricochet Web Store customer account login.
Ricochet Web Store customer account login.

Just like most major retailer websites, you’ll notice a new profile icon at the top of your website. Clicking on that will allow customers and consignors to log in as usual. Additionally, first-time customers can also create an account completely on their own.

When a customer is finalizing their purchases on your website, they can opt to log in or create an account. The next time they log in, the system will input all of their shipping and billing information automatically.

Customer account information gets auto-filled after they log in.
Customer account information gets auto-filled after they log in.

How the checkout process works with the new tenders.

Now that customers and can log in online, this also means that they can use rewards and gift cards as a tender type.

The customer can apply any rewards or credit they may have accumulated on their account.
The customer can apply any rewards or credit they may have accumulated on their account.

Once logged in, you’ll notice that there are new fields displaying any rewards or credit a customer may have accumulated with your store. With a single click, they can apply that credit and have it automatically deduct from their subtotal. Taxes and shipping will continue to be calculated as usual.

Customer-applied tender types with credit and rewards.
Customer-applied tender types with credit and rewards.

Gift cards can also now be used online.

In addition to using various credits to pay for items online, gift cards in partnership with Gravity Payments can also now be used online. The customer simply adds their gift card number, and your website will automatically apply any balance they have remaining on the card.

Managing your online customers is even easier now within Ricochet.

So what does this look like on the software side? Well, nothing really is changing for you and your team. You may notice an increase in customer accounts, but as usual with Ricochet, there are no limits. You’ll never have to worry about having too many customers and using too much data.

When a new customer first signs up on your website, an email will be sent to them to finalize their new account and create a password. You, as the store owner, will never have to log in for them and reset passwords or update their billing information. Customers have full control and can securely manage their personal information completely on their own.

Ricochet is pioneering new ways for consignment stores to grow, modernize, and establish their stores in a multi-channel world.

Through regular updates, low transaction rates, and lower pricing than all of our competitors, your store can continue to grow and thrive in a rapidly changing and dynamic industry. Contact our team if you would like to start a free trial or see a demo of the POS or Web Store in action.