New Feature: Low Stock Thresholds

We are back again with another feature update for all Ricochet 3.0 users. As consignment stores around the world continue to trend towards a consignment/retail hybrid model, the need for inventory tracking has grown. From this feedback, in 2018, we introduced a few retail-oriented features. Notably, item attributes and variants. This week, we have launched another useful tool to help address the needs of both consignment and consignment-hybrid operations.

Introducing Low Stock Warnings

Ricochet 3.0 now includes a new inventory field for low-stock warnings. If you are tracking your item’s inventory in Ricochet, you can also add a low-stock threshold to let the system warn you when your inventory is getting low.

This field is on a per-item basis, rather than a storewide preference. For example, Item A can have a low-stock warning of 5 items, and Item B can have a low-stock warning of 3. When viewing your store’s inventory, each of these items will have a Low Stock status icon respective to their current quantity.

Here’s how this is set up:

  1. Navigate to the Products tab in the primary navigation.
  2. Create or find the item would like to create a low-stock threshold for and click the orange ‘Edit’ icon.
  3. In the second series of product detail fields, you will see a new field labeled ‘Low Stock Threshold.’
  4. Enter in the number you would like. If you enter 3, that will trigger the low-stock status for that item when it reaches 3 or fewer in stock.
  5. Click Save or Update.


Here’s how you know when an item quantity is below your specified threshold:

  1. Navigate to the Products tab in the primary navigation.
  2. You will see a full list of your current inventory. Far to the right is a column for item ‘Status.’
  3. If an item is in low-stock, that status icon for that item will change to a blue ‘Low Stock’ indicator.
  4. If you want to see all of the items with low-stock status, you can organize by status to group them together or just filter that column to only show ‘Low Stock.’

If you want to learn more, our support page has been updated with this new feature.

Hopefully, many of you find this tool useful and it helps you manage your store more efficiently. Thanks to you all for your product feedback and we are excited to keep evolving as Ricochet grows and we keep delivering updates and features to suit the ever-changing needs of the resale world.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!